Be of stout heart, you smokers out there who despair of ever quitting! Read Terri’s story, a smoker since she was ten years old and thoroughly, hopelessly addicted to cigarettes.. Dear BR,
I started smoking when I was 10 years old. Now, at 52, my voice is a smoker’s voice and the wrinkles on my face are a smoker’s wrinkles. I’d tried to quit 3 or 4 times before but just couldn’t stick with it. (My husband is a respiratory therapist, who had been after me to quit for decades.)

I don’t know if you remember, but you interviewed me when you were making the smoking tape, way back when. I helped you make the imagery, telling you about what it’s like to be hopelessly addicted. But I was not ready to use it myself until last year, when I was starting to develop some telltale symptoms of COPD.

Every day, 5 or 6 times a day, at the times I would normally take a break and smoke, I go walking with my Walkman and you! We walk and walk together, Belleruth. At home we hang out together too, especially after a meal or when I’m anxious or upset about something. On goes the headset.

Oddly enough, I’m okay without the cigarettes. I thought this would be impossible, but it’s not. You and I will be walking together for a while, BR., until I’m safely on the other side of this habit. Thanks.

Terri Quinlan (remember?)