A woman asks what kinds of imagery can help her husband with fatigue, depression & anxiety as he undergoes a tough combination of chemo and biological therapy for metastatic melanoma in both lungs.. Dear BR,

My husband is undergoing a brutal combination of chemotherapy and biological therapy for metastatic melanoma in both lungs. Fatigue, depression, and anxiety accompany this regimen. Please recommend which tapes you think could be most helpful, as he continues this struggle.

Margaret D.

Dear Margaret,

I’m sorry your husband and you are facing such a difficult situation. I would suggest the Healthful Sleep imagery, the Relaxation and Wellness and the Fight Cancer imagery for him. The Chemotherapy imagery might still help, too - either Caroline Daitch’s or the Health Journeys version - even though he already has a negative association with his treatments.

In addition, Emmett Miller’s Letting Go of Stress CD (with music by Steve Halpern) and Andy Weil’s Breathing CD might appeal to him as well. At the very least, they will help him relax and feel more comfortable. At best, they will help his body fight cancer along with the chemo and other treatments.

He might also benefit from energy work - Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Zero Balancing, Craniosacral therapy or gentle massage. It can certainly help him relax and could be an enjoyable experience for him.

And don’t forget about yourself! Maybe you could borrow the stress imagery now and then and listen to it for your own stress levels, which have to be as intense as his are, from the pain of watching him go through this.

Good luck - I wish you both the best.