A woman with M.S. asks if there is anything else she can do to help manage her hand tremors, which interfere with her ability to write, use a keyboard, eat and button her clothes.. I have progressive multiple sclerosis. I am experiencing hand tremors that affect my functional ability to write, use a keyboard, eat, button my clothes, etc. My neurologist does not have an answer. He believes I need to "stop thinking about it" and the movement will come. Can you help me? I could use a native American healer. I live in the Southwest--a Shaman maybe?????????????

Dear Zena,
If you are in the Southwest, you might want to consider a visit to Andrew Weil''s integrative medicine program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I would be very interested to see what he would suggest for you by way of herbal therapies. He always considers the potential interaction of the herbal medicines with allopathic medicines you may already be taking, so you can trust his recommendations. You can also go to his wonderful website and search under "Multiple Sclerosis". He has quite a few questions and answers there, including some very specific dietary suggestions, if you click here.

In addition, a skilled energy worker-massage therapist could also be a solid help in soothing those irritated neural networks and improving function in those limbs. You might want to start networking in a local holistic health/mind-body-spirit bookstore, to find a highly recommended energy worker. Double check the names with others before you make an appointment.

Meditation or guided imagery (we actually have an audio program specifically for M.S. ) would also help you, as would gentle seated yoga (Carol Dickman has a great video).

These are some suggestions. Shamanistic rituals could benefit you too, but I don''t have a specific referral for you. You may want to network with local people in your area, knowledgeable about such matters, to find a capable, trustworthy practitioner. As with the energy worker/massage person, double check the name. It’s always good if you hear the same name twice or three times, from knowledgeable people.