A woman writes to tell of her precipitous labor at home and how, with the help of a little guided imagery, she wound up delivering her new son herself, a half hour before the midwife showed up.. I wanted to share my amazing experience using BR''s childbirth CD! On Aug. 7, 2005, I went into labor at home. I had planned a home birth and the midwife was on her way, but the baby came too quickly and I ended up delivering him myself!

The amazing part is that I had BR''s CD playing in the background, and as I realized that the baby''s head was coming - it was the part of the CD where she tells you to let go and relax so that the baby can come - it is just what I needed at exactly the moment I needed it!

I immediately relaxed and his head was born!! His body followed quickly and he was perfect!

The midwife showed up 1/2 hour after he was born and was shocked at how well things had gone in her absence!

THANK YOU for such an awesome product! I own almost 10 of the CD''s from this site and love them all....also got to see BR in person a few years ago when she was in Fargo, ND doing a symposium for Hospice where I worked at the time.

Ed. Note: We are delighted the imagery was so helpful to this new mom, but we don’t recommend you all go home and try this!!