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beth-sm" Guided imagery and meditation were among my closest allies and friends through 16 months of breast cancer treatment and side effects in 2009-2010.I felt as if my whole body's resources were gently recruited to counter the injury and agony in my chest and side. By spring of 2010, I could exercise again, and my body and spirit rejoiced in going swimming and beginning light, aerobic weights."—Beth Spring, Herndon, VA, cancer survivor. . . Read More

World Cancer Day, Feb. 4, is a truly global event, whose hefty mission is to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness about the disease and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action. In honor of World Cancer Day and to help accomplish its mission, Health Journeys is offering a special discount code 15WCD. . . Read More

According to the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) who initiated the event, the global cancer epidemic is huge and it is set to rise. Cancer cuts across demographic and geographic lines and affects every one of the world's communities.

We hope to spread the word about the use of guided imagery as a tool to help the UICC accomplish its initiatives in the 2015 campaign, titled Not Beyond us, which include developing innovative treatment modalities, achieving treatment for all cancer patients and maximizing their quality of life.

We hear so many stories, on a daily basis, from the brave souls who have benefited from guided imagery during their courageous battles with cancer that we decided they could do a better job of spreading the word than we could. So here they are, a sample of just a few of the stories, each of them an excerpt from an epoch tale of heartbreak, hope and triumph, so generously shared in the hope of helping someone else.

Often, the first phase of cancer treatment is surgery:

"My doctor gave me the Preparing for Successful Surgery CD. It helped me hugely to stay calm and positive before surgery. Now it helps me rest deeply, to envision and manifest my healing in mind, body and spirit, and to be open to receive the wisdom cancer has come to bring me."—Marie Antioch, CA . . . Read More

ester-smGuided imagery for cancer treatment:

Ester Leutenberg, Tucson AZ, Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

"My breast cancer was Paget's Disease. Only 4% of breast cancer is that.

Radiation was indicated. I always needed my husband Jay with me for a scary procedure. I was fearful and anxious of being alone in the room. He wasn't allowed in the room with me. So I had a brilliant idea – I knew about Belleruth's Radiation tape!

I tend to be claustrophobic in a situation like that, and from the first treatment to the 28th, I listened to her calm, soothing, wonderful voice relaxing me, and envisioned the sun healing me in that room where the lights were darkened and then very bright. I was able to have the radiation in a calm way. . . Read More

I cannot express how much a part of my healing your guided imagery, music and voice has been to me over the last ten years. I'm forever grateful to you for your amazingly loving and powerful work."—Lainey Hashorva, California, cancer survivor . . . Read More

"I had just been diagnosed with third stage uterine cancer. A diagnostic D&C was behind me; a total abdominal hysterectomy with 6 rounds of chemotherapy loomed.

When people ask how I 'beat' cancer, I list a number of things like acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic, the love of friends and organic food. But I always end with the words: get the chemotherapy CD at Health Journeys because you'll have the voice of an angel with you. Thank you, Belleruth."—Regina Leeds, Zen Organizer, Los Angeles, CA. . . Read More

"I was given your audio for surgery and also for cancer. Following 9 hours of surgery for Stage IV ovarian cancer, I also had 10 months of chemotherapy.

I listened to the cancer imagery twice a day, every day – once to the guided imagery track and once to the affirmations. I believe this was a critical piece of my healing."—Karen I. . . Read More

Many people are curious about the birth of Health Journeys' guided imagery, and they often ask us how Belleruth got the whole thing started. World Cancer Day is a good time to discuss Belleruth's journey, beginning with her first guided imagery audio program created to help a woman undergoing chemotherapy. . . Read More

Read more stories of hope and healing and catch up on the latest research about the effectiveness of modalities like guided imagery in the treatment of cancer patients and their loved ones here.

In honor of World Cancer Day and to help accomplish its mission, Health Journeys is offering a special discount code 15WCD. Use the code when ordering online or over the phone to receive 15% off the purchase price of CD's and MP3's until 2/15/15. The discount does not apply to Playaways, gift cards or sale items (packs).

As always, we love your stories and feedback and we extend our best wishes for health and happiness.