We’re all inspired around here by Denise Kresevic, RN, PhD, APN-BC, geriatric nurse practitioner and researcher at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.  She’s long been an active proponent of using guided imagery for patients and staff alike – Denise has been working at this steadily and untiringly for decades.

She’s researched the efficacy of guided imagery for total knee replacement patients (that research is archived here); she’s videotaped guided imagery in-service training programs and made them available to VA staff, system-wide; and she encourages her fellow nurses and other staff members to “pack a lunch and head over to the wellness center for guided imagery.”  She was recently quoted as saying in Nurse.com. “I tell them all it takes is two minutes a day to empower yourself, just close your eyes, take long slow breaths and spend those two minutes picturing a relaxing scene.”

She’s also the first one to take time out of her incredibly busy schedule to help a colleague out – find some information, offer a consult, provide a referral, be a friend.

So here’s the thing:  when you get weary of trying to implement change in a system that resists it (and what system doesn’t??), I’d like to encourage you to think of the unflagging Dr. Kresevic, who cheerfully, intelligently, strategically, incrementally and engagingly makes stuff she believes in happen, wherever and whenever she can, at whatever pace the traffic will bear.