Yet Another Guided Imagery Listener Beats Back Her Terror of Surgery

It seems we hear this surgery narrative more than any other guided imagery story. It’s about having the stone cold heebie-jeebies over an anticipated elective surgery, and getting calm from listening to guided imagery.

Actually, we have data that show that the more anxious a pre-op person is, the more they are likely to dramatically benefit from guided imagery. Who’d a thought?

And, by the way, we get more of these posts from women than men, but the statistics are about the same for either gender. We think it’s because women are more likely to admit they’re scared; and also tend to be more forthcoming with praise and gratitude. At least that’s been our experience (with some notable exceptions, of course).

Charlotte Barkley left us this post, and since she published her name, we can too.

The first time I listened to the Surgery guided imagery I felt heart-pounding panic when it led me into the O.R.

However, after repeated listening over a two-week pre-op period, I felt calm, confident and relaxed on the morning of the surgery, absolutely believing that all would go well - and it did!

I was so relaxed and confident that I was able to forgo the pre-op Valium.

I was allowed to listen to the meditation music during the procedure, was fully aware of all going on in the O.R., yet able to remain calm and restful, with stable vital signs.

Recovery has been a breeze with very little bleeding or discomfort, using only ibuprofen and arnica for "pain" which there has been so little of.

I feel so grateful for this meditation set - thank you.

Charlotte Barkley

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