A staff member found this excited, bubbly report about our Help with Fertility and Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth imagery on Amazon.  We think it goes a bit overboard in giving excess credit to the guided imagery, but her delight and gratitude for this baby girl is palpable and fun to see.  Here is what “Ang” writes:

“I cannot say enough positive things about guided imagery and affirmations. In fact, I used Help with Fertility when my husband and I were sent to a specialist and were told that we couldn't get pregnant on our own. Surprise!  We did - without any help from our new doctor!

“I gave birth to a healthy, alert, baby girl -- no drugs, no epidural, and no episiotomy - just a soothing voice guiding me. My doctor even patted my shoulder afterward and said, ‘I have to tell you, I'm impressed...and I don't impress easily.’

“Our little girl, whose name means Miracle, was 8 lbs, 4 oz. at birth. I had the most unforgettable childbirth experience, thanks to this wonderful set!  Hospital staff were amazed, my mother and husband in awe! This was truly a Godsend!”

Thanks, Ang. We do love these stories, hyperbolic or not!!