Yoga And Guided Imagery Reduced His Diabetes Meds

I am a 67-year-old man who was diagnosed with diabetes 16 years ago. I was prescribed insulin, Prandin and Glucophage to control my blood sugar when my blood work went crazy after my wife left me six years ago. 

A nurse in the endocrinology practice who takes care of me suggested I try meditating to see if that lessened my need for shots and drugs. It sounded a little off the wall, but she showed me some studies on her iPad. She also pointed out that my blood sugar went off the charts when I suffered the emotional effects of my marriage ending. I decided, why not? I was depressed anyway, and I had nothing to lose.

She gave me your guided imagery for Diabetes and for Relaxation and Wellness. She also recommended an Adult Ed class that taught yoga four times a week and a mindfulness meditation class on Sunday mornings. This got me out of the house, so I was meeting people again - a very good idea, it turned out.

I have already had to reduce my meds twice, and I am coming out of my shell, meeting people again and enjoying life more than in a long time. I have even lost weight, an unintended outcome I welcome.

I hope you post this so others will take heart and try these methods or something like them. Even if they refuse to try the audio programs, they should get out of the house to a class. Thank you!

Albert Z.

Ed. Note: Albert Z is very welcome, and we are delighted to post his “public service announcement”. Rock on, Albert!

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