You Are So Gonna Love This New Web Site!

            “The Only Thing that is Constant is Change”—Heraclitus
The leaves are changing colors, the weather is changing, our attitudes, moods and cells are changing. . . 

No wonder the pre-Socratic, Greek philosopher proclaimed that the only thing that is constant is change.

He also said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” He believed it is not possible to come into contact twice with a mortal being in the same state. That must also mean that you never go to the same Health Journeys website twice, for it is not the same website and you are not the same you.

You will still go to to find us, but soon it will be a different experience. You’ll have to visit the new site to find out how different, yet the same, it is. One thing I can tell you is that your ordering procedure on the new site will be much more you-centered.

You’ll sign up with a user name and password, which only takes a minute, and you will have your very own account. When you shop, your contact information, shipping address and other personal information will be saved, and you won’t have to fill it in every time you order. You’ll be able to purchase items, or put them on a ‘wish list’ which means that when you come back to peruse the items you’ve saved, or purchase them, you won’t have to search for them again.

Once you start using your new account, you can view past purchases and enjoy a number of interactive features. The way you access our MP3 downloads will also be new. You’ll purchase your selected title and download it, right from our website. Once you purchase a download from the new site, it will remain in your account, and you will always be able to access it.  

Here at Health Journeys we’ve been busy facilitating the website changes, moving information and items to the new site and working to make it a pleasant, streamlined experience for you. There will be a generous discount on your first purchase at the new online store, just because even though you’re not the same person from one moment to the next, you are still the same valued customer we have always appreciated.

We’re not sure the exact moment the new website will be live, but we welcome the changes, and we know you will, too. In the words of Heraclitus, “Nothing endures but change.”