You Gotta Be in It to Win It

Despite growing up during the height of the coupon craze, I have never been a fan of clipping cents-off coupons, unless they could be used to purchase a horse. I can remember a time when grocery stores waged price wars by doubling or tripling paper coupons.
That was tough to resist, tripling a 75-cent coupon meant saving $2.25, but what I found, as a proponent of fresh, natural and organic products that my friends kindly termed ‘health food,’ was that the coupons were rarely for anything I actually wanted. No coupons for savings on the good stuff.


We’ve come a long way. Today, you don’t even need scissors. You just show an image on your phone at the check-out. Some health food and grocery stores offer significant savings on the good stuff via electronic coupons.  Many products can be ordered online using coupon codes. Wow, extra savings on things I actually want. Sign me up.

But to take advantage of these super-savings coupons and other store events, you can’t just pick up a newspaper or store flyer. The extra-savings coupons are only available to people on—you guessed it—the store’s e-mail list. In order to get additional savings on the good stuff, and other store extras, you literally have to sign up.

It’s no different here at Health Journeys. To keep from missing out on the special sales, get advance notice about new products, special notices and useful information from Belleruth and be among the first to know about her upcoming events, you need to sign up for our Guided Imagery Newsletter.

horseIt’s free, quick, easy and there is no commitment involved, because you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Subscribers to our e-newsletter are learning all about Dr. Traci Stein’s upcoming audio program on cultivating a healthy body image and claiming their 20 percent savings on regularly-priced titles in our Social & Performance Anxiety and Sports Performance & Rehab categories. They received an e-mail containing a code that can be used when ordering online or mentioned when ordering over the phone and it’s good through September 2.
This sale, in honor of the end of summer and return to school, came on the heels of our recent 20 percent savings to celebrate the launch of our slick, new website. Before that, we honored PTSD Awareness Month with special savings on anything in that category. What will be on sale next? What new audio programs and events are in the works? There is only one way to find out.

We would love to e-mail you our special notices, news of sales and information about our upcoming products and events, but we can’t send the savings your way unless we know where to find you.
We’ll make it really easy for you. Sign up today, and you will not only begin receiving our special offers, you will also receive a download of our Peaceful Perspectives guided imagery for stress relief. All this is free and just a click away.

We often have promotions that offer savings to everyone, but in order to take advantage of extra savings for our Guided Imagery Newsletter subscribers, you gotta be in it to win it, so sign up and get in on the extra savings.