A young man studying religion and intuition at college reports on his mother’s successful experience with guided imagery, introduced to her by her nurse just before her surgery for breast cancer.. Dear Belleruth,

I have written you several times before and asked for your advice about life. It was mainly regarding the impact of your book about imagery and intuition, Your Sixth Sense. All of your advice has been helpful in my struggle for acceptance and identity, and I have gone through quite a journey.

Today, I''m studying religion in college, using all of my faculties: feeling, intuition, intellect. You can''t study like this at just any university, and I''m blessed to have found a place that supports the whole person in research, and will allow me to have an academic career, too. That''s it for the update.

As for why I''m writing all of a sudden was by a remarkable coincidence, or providence, whichever you choose. My mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of months ago, and this of course, worried everyone in the family. Well, it turns out that during one of her routine visits for pre-surgery, one of the nurses suggested your tapes. She tried one out right there, and within 10 minutes, she said that she swore that she was totally lifted out of her body, and found a tremendous amount of inner peace. The nurse who was watching when my mom finished listening said: "wow, you are so powerful!" Apparently, the transformation was evident.

A couple of days later, I talked to my mother over the phone, and the change was unmistakable. Needless to say, from that time through her surgery a couple of weeks ago and up to today she has kept up with the tapes, and she attributes a lot of her recovery to them.

What''s even more interesting is that she didn''t even know about the help that you gave me previously; it was totally unsolicited. So we had a nice conversation about things, and strangely, my family is stronger than ever after my mother''s ordeal.

So on behalf of my whole family, and by the encouragement of my mother herself, thank you for all of your help, and keep up your honest, feeling work.

Yours truly, Brian