I am a Reiki master and certified aromatherapist. I was a mental health therapist before, and have some experience with guided imagery, and would like to become certified in guided imagery.

The problem is I live on the East Coast and have a toddler, so it is difficult to travel. Is there any way I can become certified by some type of correspondence course?  I would be willing to make tapes of sessions for review and feedback.  I appreciate any guidance you can give me on this matter.

Tara P.

Dear Tara,

The Academy for Guided Imagery has a substantial distance learning course that provides a certificate upon completion, which you can find here.

On the East Coast, outside of Washington D.C., there is a program in Mclean VA at The Center for Healing and Imagery that offers a certificate program which we also recommend.  You may want to check their calendar as well.  

I hope this helps.
Best wishes, with the program and the toddler!

All best,