Young Target Cashier Takes Irritated, Rushed Mom to the Larger Perspective

This is a wonderful teaching story about impatience and stepping back to see the larger perspective.

Even the most enlightened among us can get into a pressured, goal-directed state of mind and display what psychologists call "hurry sickness". A typical symptom of hurry sickness is when we press the button of an elevator multiple times – yep, like, that's really going to make a difference....:/

This story was shared by Sarah Owen Bigler on Facebook, who was in a Target with her two kids, waiting in the checkout line. She had a lot to get done, and she was supremely annoyed by an old woman ahead of her, who was paying for each item separately – with change, no less.

The young man at the cash register was taking great care to help her. She was frail and her hands shook, and he was very gently helping her count the change, repeatedly saying "Yes, Ma'am" to her.

Bigler wrote,"When the woman asked if she had enough to buy a reusable bag, he said she did, and went 2 lines over to get one, and then repacked her items,"

At this point, watching this gentle caring guy, she experienced a complete shift in mood and perspective. And she noticed that her daughter was taking all of this in, too. The whole thing stopped being an irritating inconvenience and instead became a refresher course on what really matters.

She sought out the store manager to compliment Ishmael Gilbert's treatment of the woman and its impact on her and her kid. The guy is now kind of famous. Check out the full story on

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