A youth corrections counselor describes how strongly his troubled preteens and teens, desperately in need of self-soothing skills, calm themselves down by listening to guided imagery and learning various meditation skills.. I am a counselor who works in youth corrections. Many of our kids come from homes filled with abuse and neglect. They are very troubled, sad and angry. Because of their backgrounds and histories of inadequate parenting from their mothers and fathers, they lack skills in self-calming, even though that is what they need more than anything else.

These traumatized preteens and teens respond very well to meditation, tai chi, spirituality group and guided imagery, and I even use BR’s recordings for a group before they go to bed. It reaches them and settles them down in a very dramatic way. I want others to know about this, because these kids look like the most unlikely meditators and imagery-users in the world.

John Davis Hansen, MSW