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Defeat Pain: Meditations to Transform Pain to Peace

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Master teacher and mindfulness meditation expert KRS Edstrom offers eight superb segments of guided meditation for pain relief  for coping with pain naturally.

Master teacher and mindfulness meditation expert, KRS Edstrom, offers eight superb segments of guided meditation for pain relief for coping with pain naturally. She artfully combines relaxation, breathwork, hypnosis, mindfulness, and guided imagery to provide a pleasing, user-friendly variety of powerful mind-body tools. These can be used in conjunction with medical or mechanical therapies or as a stand-alone treatment.

Edstrom combines her guided imagery and self-hypnosis for pain relief with the Buddhist practices of acceptance and the cultivation of mindfulness - open awareness of thoughts, sensations, emotions and perceptions, as they occur and without resistance - as the primary tool for greater effectiveness at coping with pain, reducing it or possibly even eliminating it.

The net effect of repeated listening to these popular meditations for pain relief is the development of helpful new habits that will lighten and brighten your days, and vastly improve your experience of living .Listen to a sample and read the reviews to understand the considerable benefits of this audio program of guided meditation and hypnosis for pain. (37 minutes)

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Item Number 23707370
Author KRS Edstrom
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KRS Edstrom, M.S., is a wellness author and teacher who has practiced meditation for over 30 years.

Edstrom’s meditation method utilizes such modalities as mindfulness and imagery and her audios offer an experiential knowledge that quiets the external clutter by cultivating a deep inner calm. 

Edstrom’s award-winning school-based Student Stress & Anger Management Program (SSAM) offers an effective stress and emotion-regulation curriculum for youth, demonstrating positive outcomes with academics, bullying, self-esteem and emotion self-management.

Edstrom has served as on-air expert with CNN and ABC TV.  Her work has been recommended and implemented by hospitals, airlines, psychiatrists and health practitioners.  She is a contractor with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health and has studied academic and alternative methods of mental and physical health for years.

KRS Edstrom

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