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E-Motion Part One

$15.00 - $17.95 $15.00 - $17.95
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These winning, guided meditations - five in all - are designed specifically for kids ages 6-14, an age group that desperately needs this sort of high-quality, age-appropriate imagery.

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E-Motion Part One guides children to awaken the infinite potential within. The more tools children have, the greater their success in life - at school, at work and in their relationships.

This CD and MP3 integrates soothing verbal messages and guided iamgery, with relaxing music to facilitate positive shifts in thought, language and choice.

The track list is as follows:

  • Change (12:58)
  • Self-Esteem (13:12)
  • Health (12:24)
  • Body Image (12:41)
  • Happiness (11:30)

Give your child the gift of self-awareness, confidence and general well-being. (64 min.)

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Author Fern Fujimoto
Sample 1 SMPL CID263 E-Motion.mp3
Item Number 23777377
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