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Meditation to Help You with Weight Loss

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not simply a matter of eating less and moving more. Weight loss is frequently complicated by emotional reactivity, addictive eating habits, situational anxiety, self-esteem challenges and relationship issues.

And it can be further impacted by sleep deprivation, past traumatic events, sexual and relationship fears and family pressures. No wonder a simple weight loss regimen runs a high risk of failure – we’re not simple beings.

Mind-body techniques and various forms of guided meditation for losing weight can cut through psychological road blocks, and synergize positive results by addressing these complex issues at a deep level. Repeated listening has an incremental impact, gently but steadily breaking down the barriers to success.

In fact, there is a host of research showing that hypnosis, guided imagery, yoga, mindfulness and other forms of guided meditation to lose weight can catalyze powerful weight loss results, either as a stand-alone technique or in conjunction with a traditional weight loss regimen.

We’re proud of our highly curated collection of first rate, psychologically sophisticated, guided imagery weight loss materials and meditation for losing weight. Belleruth Naparstek’s research-proven guided imagery for weight loss is a longtime best seller, and is supported by her imagery for sleep, self-confidence and depression.

Similarly, Traci Stein offers her impeccable self-hypnosis for achieving a healthy weight, both awake and asleep, augmented by her equally masterful programs for self-esteem and creating positive change.

David Illig provides a whole host of gentle but powerful hypnosis and subliminal programs to support weight loss that have stood the test of time and remain hugely popular.

Other hypnotic guided meditation for losing weight includes the beautiful work of guided imagery pioneer Emmett Miller and master practitioner Martha Howard.

We encourage you to browse and sample these extraordinary resources to find the voice and style that suits you best.

We wish you great success and an enjoyable, empowering journey to your healthy weight.

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