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Guided Meditations for Busy People

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These nine guided exercises average about 8 minutes apiece and they are all wonderful in their brief, targeted way. If you want to check this man’s work out, but have limited time and resources, start with this. 


In recent years, numerous scientific studies have shown the benefits of meditation, including slower aging of the brain, increased happiness, and strengthened immune response. But how are you going to benefit if the idea of finding 30 to 40 minutes to meditation is itself stressful!

Short "power meditations" such as these -- between three and nine minutes in length -- are ideal for busy people. Now, meditation can be a part of everyone's life! The track list is as follows:

  1. Grounding the Mind (8:17)
  2. Opening the Mind (8:00)
  3. Breathing In, Breathing Out (8:06)
      1. Interconnectedness (9:09)
  4. Protected by Light (8:03)
  5. Healing Light Meditation (7:52)
  6. Being in the Moment (8:02)
  7. Meeting Pain with Compassion (7:37)
  8. Three-Minute Breathing Space (3:08)

Each practice teaches a specific and powerful technique for quickly transforming the mind, encouraging the rapid development of calmness, spaciousness, and relaxation. These meditation techniques are tools for living: attitudes and skills that can be used throughout the day in any activity you're involved in, allowing you to bring more mindfulness and creativity into your daily life. (73 min)

ISBN: 9780972441438

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Item Number 24467446
Author Bodhipaksa
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Bodhipaksa is a Scottish-born teacher of meditation and Buddhism, known for his warm, practical, down-to-earth, and effective approach to practice. He now lives in New Hampshire and has two children. He’s the author of several books, which have been published in every major European language. He is also the author of many guided meditation albums and audiobooks, and is the founder of Wildmind (, a prominent online meditation center.


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