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Guided Meditations to Help with Anxiety & Panic

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This anxiety and panic attack meditation incorporates several highly effective approaches to treating anxiety and panic attacks naturally. It offers conscious breathing, mantra meditation and progressive body scanning for quick access to deep relaxation.

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Each expert mind-body calming exercise on this recording was written and narrated by guided imagery and holistic health expert Belleruth Naparstek ACSW and scored to the exquisite, calming music of Steven Mark Kohn, composed precisely to meet the challenges of extreme anxiety, phobia, and panic attacks.

When listened to repeatedly, either as separate segments or cumulatively as a whole set, these exercises will dramatically reduce anxiety and the frequency and intensity of panic attacks - by teaching relaxation at will, reducing fear and isolation, and instilling a sense of mastery and control in the listener.

Here's the track list:

1. Introduction (4:05)

2. Counting the Breath (8:41)

3. Mantra Repetition  (8:56)

4. Body Scan (9:40)

5. Warrior of the Heart Imagery (18:55)

6. Affirmations (16:13)

After 2-3 weeks, most people experience a substantial reduction or even elimination of panic's classic symptoms of rapid breathing, racing heart, chills, sweats, numbness, shaking, chest pain, terror and the signature, irrational but utterly convincing sense of impending doom.

This guided meditation for panic attacks has reduced the need for medication for some; and in others, has even replaced it. The powerful and empowering guided imagery track reframes sensations of terror into feelings of elation and excitement ( - physiologically, they are barely different at all).  As a result, the combination of tools and techniques on this audio can deliver the tools for not just managing panic attacks but overcoming them in time.

Listen to a sample and see for yourself why health care and mental health professionals nationwide recommend this audio program as a safe, effective natural treatment for panic attacks, either in conjunction with other therapies or as a stand-alone intervention. This title is also known as Guided Meditations to Help with Panic Attacks. (66 minutes).

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Author Belleruth Naparstek
Sample 1 HJPanicAttackSampleMP3.mp3
Item Number 7149-STREAMING

Belleruth Naparstek AM, ACSW, is a clinical social worker, author, and creator of a large library of guided imagery programs that target specific health and mental health challenges. She is known for introducing guided meditation to mainstream health systems and co-founded Health Journeys with George Klein in 1991 

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