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Want to better understand the mind-body connection and how and why meditation and guided imagery work so well for health and healing, sports and learning? Our collection of clear, cogent, user-friendly mind-body books will do just that. Prefer to read or record your own guided imagery? Browse our meditation library and find first-rate guided imagery scripts you can read and record, either for yourself or for those in your care, in your role as therapist, parent, practitioner, teacher or coach. We also have some of the best guided meditation books and yoga instruction for children, who respond very easily to these mind-body approaches. Have a look at our carefully curated selection of top meditation books by leaders in the field - Marty Rossman, Belleruth Naparstek, Julie Lusk, Andy Weil, Ellen Curran, David Bresler and Charles and Patti Leviton, among others. You’ll be glad you did.

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