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Our packs, sets, baskets and bundles combine the best guided meditations with the highest quality lotions, pillows, candles, sleep masks and essential oils, to synergize healing impact and create unforgettable gifts – for yourself or someone you care about - to nourish mind, body, soul, psyche and spirit. We have guided meditation and aromatherapy gift sets and wellness kits for adults or children, young or old, men or women, ill or well, to provide a balanced, multi-modal approach for reducing stress, falling asleep, relieving pain, losing weight, building self-esteem, overcoming the discomforts of chemotherapy and even coming home from war. And, useful and practical as they are, these meditation sets and aromatherapy kits are also great to look at. When purchased as a gift, they come beautifully packaged with a personal message tucked in. Browse our collection and treat yourself or someone you love to the healing bounty of one of our beneficent bundles.

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  1. Self-Esteem Pack
    Self-Esteem Pack
    $20.37 - $30.57
  2. Weight Loss Bundle
    Weight Loss Bundle
    $36.95 - $54.95
  3. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Sleep and Headache Bundle
    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Sleep and Headache Bundle
    $30.55 - $30.55
  4. Posttraumatic Stress PTSD Bundle
    Posttraumatic Stress PTSD Bundle
    $57.50 - $86.30
  5. Parkinson’s Power Pack
    Parkinson’s Power Pack
    $35.94 - $53.94
  6. Military Transition Kit
    Military Transition Kit
    $36.95 - $51.95
  7. Parents & Kids Bundle
    Parents & Kids Bundle
    $78.99 Regular Price $98.15
  8. Anti-Panic Pack
    Anti-Panic Pack
    $46.34 Regular Price $57.93
  9. Intuition Bundle
    Intuition Bundle
    $55.10 Regular Price $68.88
  10. War Trauma Remediation Kit
    War Trauma Remediation Kit
    $84.72 Regular Price $105.90
  11. Slip into Sleep Gift Pack
    Slip into Sleep Gift Pack
    $30.34 Regular Price $37.93
  12. Chemotherapy Optimization Bundle
    Chemotherapy Optimization Bundle
    $40.95 - $40.95
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12 Items

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