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Parkinson’s Power Pack

$47.92 - $53.94
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This clever combination helps alleviate some of the most common complaints: there's guided imagery designed to reduce PD symptoms; promote general relaxation; relieve depression & fatigue; and assist with sleep problems.

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There’s good reason for the popularity of mind-body therapies among people with Parkinson’s. 

Studies show that up to 85% of people with Parkinson's use and enjoy integrative health methods alongside standard treatment in order to improve measures of strength, balance, gait, postural stability, stiffness, fatigue, soft speech, freezing, depressed mood, quality of life, and motor control. 

That's why we created out popular Parkinson's Power Pack, to help you use your head to push back on Parkinson's Disease!

This clever combination helps alleviate some of the most common complaints with 4 psychologically and physiologically sophisticated guided imagery audios created by mind-body expert Belleruth Naparstek, including:

Author Bio

Belleruth Naparstek AM, ACSW, is a clinical social worker, author, and creator of a large library of guided imagery programs that target specific health and mental health challenges. She is known for introducing guided meditation to mainstream health systems and co-founded Health Journeys with George Klein in 1991 

Author Belleruth Naparstek
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