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Essential Oils, Sprays & Roll-ons

You can use these impeccably crafted pure essential oils to calm, balance and renew body, mind and spirit, or to invigorate, heal and restore your energy and sense of well being. Marvelously versatile, they can be delivered in handy sprays, roll-ons, with a few drops in the bath water, or infusing lotions and creams. Some people like to spray lavender essential oil blends, for instance, on a pillow or in the room at bedtime, to enhance sleep quality. Others apply creams and lotions, loaded with pure plant essential oils of jojoba, calendula and tea tree, to heal and rehydrate stressed skin while increasing resilience and resistance to colds and flu. Small, purse-sized roll-ons of these fast-acting, effective aromatherapy essential oils can be applied under the nose or on the wrists for a handy and timely dose of relaxation or invigoration, anywhere, day or night. Add aromatherapy to your toolkit whenever you wish to neutralize a stressful situation, tame a spike in anxiety, lift your spirits or bolster your energy.

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