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Meditation for Pain Management

Luckily for most of us, pain is a matter of perception, and because of that, we can lower its intensity by using meditation and guided imagery for pain management – techniques which direct our attention to where we decide we want our focus to go.

For acute pain, one of the best ways to manage, since it’s nearly impossible to ignore it, is to take a warrior stance and dive right into it, focusing mindful attention on it, breathing into it and softening the body around the signals of discomfort.

This is pretty much what we do for the pain of labor and childbirth, and it’s an effective pain meditation management approach. It doesn’t evaporate the pain, but it does make it tolerable, by allowing it to get out of the foreground and into the background.

For chronic pain, distraction is the key. Belleruth Naparstek’s guided imagery for pain management and imagery to ease headaches offer relief for both kinds of pain. Her Relaxation and Wellness and General Wellness are examples of using a pleasantly

distracting, hypnotic narrative to gently steer attention away from the perception of pain.

In addition to reducing the actual pain signal, it gives listeners a sense of empowerment and control over something that could otherwise create distressing feelings of helplessness – and we know that helplessness, in turn, exacerbates pain.

Other superb examples of this kind of powerful guided meditation for pain management are the impeccable work of meditation teacher KRS Edstrom.  Brilliant hypnotherapist and guided imagery specialist Emmett Miller has a guided meditation for back

pain management.  In addition, Carol Ginandes’ Rapid Recovery from Injury , is a brilliant program of hypnosis and guided imagery for pain management. 

We enthusiastically invite you to browse, listen to samples and find the voice and style that suit you best. Welcome to the empowerment and relief that you’ll enjoy from discovering pain meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery.

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