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Here are just some of the benefits our audio meditations provide:

  • Stress and general wellness meditations have been shown to improve attitude, mood, focus, resilience, and positive interaction
  • Our research-proven smoking cessation audios have more than doubled abstinence
  • After eight weeks, Canyon Ranch staff who listened to guided imagery for healthy weight achieved twice the weight loss, as compared to those who listened to relaxing music alone.
  • Our audios for pain relief have been shown to reduce pain and the need for opioids.
  • Our guided imagery for chemical dependency was enthusiastically endorsed by renowned substance use author Melanie Beattie (Codependent No More) as taking recovery to a whole new level
  • Employees use our guided meditation imagery audios for Self Esteem, Focus & Concentration, Procrastination, and Peak Performance to help them get more done with less stress

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Progressive Insurance embraces guided meditation for employee wellness

Progressive Insurance, true to its name, was an early adopter of guided imagery and meditation to help employees achieve better performance and an improved quality of life. Progressive not only HAD lactation rooms in 1996, the company made guided imagery audios available to any sleepless, pregnant, delivering, or post-partum parent, supporting their well-being every step of the way. Today, Progressive offers its employees streaming meditation tracks on a 24/7 basis to help with depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, weight loss and much more. The company also uses 3-5-minute mini-meditation tracks at the start of every manager meeting to get people settled and focused. Employees across the company give the guided imagery audios high marks.


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