"We are tickled pink to announce our new partnership with Hay House, which will be taking over direct-to-consumer sales with its robust worldwide reach. Please give us a week or two to adapt our product and consumer pages. Health Journeys will continue building customized apps and streaming pages for hospitals, universities, health plans, Military/Veteran organizations, and corporate wellness departments. Website service to our institutional clients continues uninterrupted. Stay tuned for more information soon. And Happy New Year!"

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There’s a reason Kaiser Permanente has been giving away our guided meditation downloads to their members for free since 1994, with a whopping 74 percent adoption rate. Health insurance companies and HMOs are seeing real results with guided imagery, including:

  • Reduced cost, fewer complications, shorter length of stay, less anxiety, and lower use of analgesics for surgical procedures
  • Increased member satisfaction with their health plans
  • Associated with healthy behavior changes around smoking, weight management, alcohol use, sleep, and exercise
  • Improved blood glucose levels in people with diabetes
  • RCT’s demonstrate reduced pain, anxiety, and depression in arthritis patients and other rheumatic disease patients, with significant improvement in daily function and quality of life
  • Less of the anxiety, stress, and depression that drive 50 percent of office visits to primary care

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Blue Shield sees results with pre-surgery guided meditation programs

After reading that guided imagery from Health Journeys helped significantly reduce hospital stays and alleviate multiple symptoms in patients, Blue Shield of California’s HMO began offering our programs to all members pre-approved for surgery. The guided imagery exercises, along with a pre-surgery phone check-in from a nurse, significantly increased member satisfaction rates and loyalty. Blue Shield also saw a 14% reduction in mean total charges billed per procedure, likely due to decreased lab and imaging fees, and less use of analgesics.


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