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Help improve outcomes and quality of life for your patients AND your amazing staff. Guided imagery meditations help some of the world’s top hospitals promote healing and healthy living for patients and staff members alike, delivered on hospital room TVs, bedside tablets, MP3 listening devices, and smartphones.

For patients, guided imagery helps:

  • With falling asleep and going back to sleep in the hospital
  • Reduce blood loss, length of stay, pain, pre- and post-op anxiety, and opioid use in surgery patients
  • Reduce nausea, fatigue, depression and anxiety in chemo patients
  • Amplify the effectiveness of P.T., O.T., and rehabilitation
  • Increase healing capacity and reduce depression on the Step-Down Unit after CABG surgery
  • Ease ventilator weaning
  • Reduce anxiety-based calls for nursing assistance on the floor

Staff use guided imagery to help:

  • Reduce burnout, fatigue, depression
  • Improve commitment, motivation, energy
  • Get more and better sleep
  • Improve management of on-the-job stress
  • Improve skills and techniques through mental rehearsal

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UHHS uses guided imagery for staff wellness

Through the Connor Integrative Health Network’s streaming page, University Hospitals of Cleveland delivers guided imagery to help patients manage pain, undergo fertility treatment, successfully get through surgery, and more. However, the hospital system was concerned about high industry rates of burnout, depression, and suicide among healthcare workers, so they also make guided meditation available to staff. High numbers of staff at the hospitals are using guided meditation regularly to manage stress, promote better sleep, and promote better self-care.


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