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Our evidence-based guided meditations can be found in every branch of the Armed Services, at home and abroad, and in over 90 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers nationwide. Our research-tested tools specifically target the issues that service members and Veterans face, including sleep deprivation, chronic pain, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and injury rehabilitation.

How does guided imagery help?

  • Guided meditations for Sleep, Pain, Stress, Self-Mastery and Peak Performance are favorites with our service members and Veterans.
  • Guided Meditation for Posttraumatic Stress has been shown to reduce all 3 symptom clusters: avoidance, arousal, and intrusion, even in longstanding, treatment-resistant sufferers.
  • Our self-mastery meditations were vetted for efficacy in building resilience with transitioning troops at Fort Sill, and used in Army bases and hospitals around the world, including Walter Reed National Medical Center.
  • The Emergency Crisis Call Center at Quantico (MedCell) sends out our guided imagery to isolated, traumatized Marines around the US, who lack immediate access to professional help, to provide calming, stabilizing tools while help is located.
  • Our guided meditations for pain are used post-op and in rehab, sometimes in conjunction with other interventions, including biofeedback
  • Meditations for positive behavior change help with addiction, impulse control, and relationships, world-wide.
  • Guided imagery has been shown in clinical trials at the Durham VAMC to successfully reduce symptoms of military sexual trauma
  • Families of service members and Veterans find guided imagery to be helpful in dealing with stress, anger, grief, depression and the ups and downs of family life.

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The U.S. Army provides portable access to our guided imagery to troops downrange.

Soldiers deployed in war zones are all too familiar with sleep deprivation, stress, boredom, irritability, fear, and injuries that threaten their health and well-being during and after active duty. The U.S. Army understands the healing impact of guided meditation on Soldiers in high-stress environments, and provides guided imagery audio programs on “Playaways”—sturdy, hand-held, pre-loaded, portable audio devices. The Playaways are in high demand in the field and much appreciated.


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