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Military & Veterans

The welfare of our service people, our veterans and their families matters to us, a lot. That’s why we gladly offer our military a 15% gratitude discount off our normal prices. To take advantage of this special offer use coupon code: SS1508 at checkout


We've created research-tested guided meditation tools that specifically target the symptoms of traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma and military PTSD, including PTSD in veterans.


Our guided meditation audio interventions are especially appealing to Service Members and Veterans, because they are uploadable to a smartphone or MP3 player, and portable, private, user-friendly and available 24/7.

There are other good reasons our evidence-based guided meditations are in every branch of the Armed Services, delivered by the U.S. Army to our Soldiers downrange, and used in over 90 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers nationwide.

Here are some of them:

  • Mindfulness Meditation is a proven way to reduce stress, anxiety, frustration and depression, and we have a powerful range of offerings
  • Our guided meditations for help with Sleep, Pain, Stress, Self-Mastery and Peak Performance are favorites with our Service Members and Veterans.
  • Our Guided Meditation for Posttraumatic Stress has been shown to reduce all 3 symptom clusters: avoidance, arousal and intrusion, even in longstanding, treatment-resistant sufferers
  • Our self-mastery meditations were vetted for efficacy in building resilience with transitioning troops at Fort Sill, and used in Army bases and hospitals around the world, including Walter Reed.   
  •  Our guided meditations for pain are used post-op, with TBI and in rehab, sometimes in conjunction with other interventions, including biofeedback      
  • Our guided imagery meditations for TBI, Headache, Concentration and Stress  have been found a healing combo for patients and vets with brain injury
  • Our meditations for positive behavior change have motivated troops and vets world-wide. 
  • We have a track record for easing medical procedures of all kinds.
  • We can deliver these audios via CDs, Playaways, on your ownTV channel or by downloads – we can even build you your own download page, from which you can dispense the audios of your choice from our wide sselection..

There’s a lot more, but this gives you an idea. We can help you choose a plan that works best for you. Email us at or call us at 1.800.800.8661.

Do contact us - we’d like to talk with you!

Jonathan Goldsmith
800.800.8661 (103) or at

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