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The top six factors impeding academic success in our schools and universities are stress, work, sleep, anxiety, depression, and colds and flu. Our guided imagery audios help students address

five of them (and we recommend rest, chicken soup, and daytime TV for the sixth one.) Some of the largest college systems in the country use guided meditation to supplement student health

services and to help students who often won’t ask for professional help.

Why use guided meditation for your students?

  • Powerful emotional wellness tools help students regulate moods and reduce stress
  • Guided imagery helps students before exams, when anxiety, panic attacks, and depression are rampant
  • Our tools serve as a force multiplier for understaffed counseling and student health departments
  • Hypnotic, immersive, pain-relieving guided meditations reduce the need for drugs, and help students get off drugs
  • Students learn stress regulation and self-mastery, gifts that last a lifetime
  • Guided imagery is available 24/7 - even at 2 am, when a student is most likely to have a panic attack

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Talk to us today to learn more about how guided imagery can alleviate stress, boost focus, and help your students excel academically.

The California Community College System provides wellness tools to millions of students

Every one of the 2.1 million students in the California Community College System has partneraccess to guided imagery programs that help alleviate anxiety and depression, and help them manage time

to better prioritize and excel at a cademic work. The programs, available to stream via a web page, help understaffed health services professionals provide fast, much-needed help for stressed, overworked

students. The tools help students focus and improve academic performance, which helps schools in the system compete for state grants that are based on the academic success of students.


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Learn more about how guided imagery tools can help your students alleviate stress, perform better academically, and learn valuable resiliency skills to last a lifetime.

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