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Free Weekly Meditations for Stress Relief, Wellness, Support & Resilience

Relax & De-Stress With These Weekly Free Meditations

Check Back Each Monday for New Meditations & Feel Free to Share with Friends & Family


This audio is ideal for anyone who has a tendency of being too hard on themselves. Woven through its guided meditations are the four skills of self-compassion: mindful awareness, acceptance, self-kindness, and realistic perspectives on life.


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NOTE: Once you begin playing a track, the tracks that follow will stream automatically. Streaming will continue even if your device goes to sleep.


    • Kindfulness of Breathing
    • Empathizing With Ourselves and Others
    • Being With Difficult Experiences
    • Four Steps to Self-Compassion

Guided imagery is not a substitute for medical treatment. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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