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Fitting Tribute Funeral Services

This powerful, moving Goodbye Meditation re-imagines the leave-taking of a dying loved one, allowing those left behind to participate in saying goodbye.


This guided meditation was created by the psychotherapist, author and guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek, the founder of Health Journeys, a resource center for guided imagery, meditation and other mind-body experiences.  


I was first exposed to this guided meditation's power in an end-of-life doula training given by Henry Fersko Weiss, founder of the International End of Life Doula Association.


Please accept this as a gift from us. It's one of many ways to experience a meaningful, private farewell during these challenging times of COVID-19. You may wish to listen more than once, as your grief will come in stages, and you may find it difficult to say goodbye all at once.


Please feel free to share it with someone who, like you, may be struggling to see that the dead are gone but still in beautiful connection with us. No matter your belief--soul or no soul--your relationships with your dead can and often do evolve, improve and continue. (lovely!!)


May the Source of Peace grant you peace on this day, and grant peace to all who mourn. You are not alone. 


Amy Cunningham, Funeral Director


NOTE: Once you begin playing a track, the tracks that follow will stream automatically. Streaming will continue even if your device goes to sleep.


    • Ease Grief 1 Intro
    • Ease Grief 2 GI
    • Ease Grief 3 Affirmations
    • Guided Imagery
    • Affirmations

Guided imagery is not a substitute for medical treatment. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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