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We invite you to take a moment to step away from the fast paced rhythm that we often move to.


If you are unfamiliar with guided imagery or meditation or its core practice of mindfulness, then it may help you to know that these simple practices have been shown to:

  • increase self-awareness
  • reduce negative emotions
  • gain new perspective on stressful situations
  • and so much more


As you know, our goal at McCarthy Family Law is to turn stress into solutions, and we believe the benefits of guided imagery can help us achieve this goal. These offerings have been handpicked for you in hopes that it will help reduce stress and anxiety as you navigate through your family law case and beyond.


When you are hoping for some restorative time for yourself, we invite you to explore this list of offerings and try some out. If any resonate with you, feel free to revisit them and listen to before going to court, before a stressful parenting time exchange, or whenever you feel the need to take some time for yourself.


Turning Stress Into Solutions ®

NOTE: Once you begin playing a track, the tracks that follow will stream automatically. Streaming will continue even if your device goes to sleep.


    • Anger and Forgiveness 1 Intro
    • Anger and Forgiveness 2 GI
    • Anger and Forgiveness 3 Affirmations
    • Accepting Change and Moving On Track 1
    • Accepting Change and Moving On Track 2
    • Affirmations
    • Heartbreak 1 Intro
    • Heartbreak 2 GI
    • Heartbreak 3 Affirmation
    • Sleep Self Compassion 1 Intro
    • Sleep Self Compassion 2 GI
    • Peace & Perspective 1 Intro
    • Peace & Perspective 2 Breath Awareness
    • Peace & Perspective 3 The Gift in the Present
    • Peace & Perspective 4 Screen of Your Mind
    • Peace & Perspective 5 Affirmations
    • Stress Reduction 1 Intro
    • Stress Reduction 2 Body Scan Meditation
    • Stress Reduction 3 Meditation on Acceptance
    • Introduction
    • Guided Imagery
    • Intro for Ritual
    • Ritual for Letting Go

Guided imagery is not a substitute for medical treatment. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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