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Shady Grove Medical Center

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery / ERAS


Welcome to the Guided Imagery portion of your Enhanced Recovery After Surgery / ERAS protocol. The ERAS protocol recommends the use of guided imagery before, during and after your surgery because research has shown that the best approach to prepare for successful surgery is to actively participate in your healing process.


Guided Imagery is a safe mind-body tool and a proven relaxation strategy. Listen to Health Journeys, “Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery,” as described in the audio guide, to help you recover from your surgery more rapidly and with less pain. This powerful technique can help you approach your surgical experience with a calm sense of safety and optimism.



NOTE: Once you begin playing a track, the tracks that follow will stream automatically. Streaming will continue even if your device goes to sleep.


    • Surgery Intro (6:20)
    • Surgery GI (14:18)
    • Surgery Affirmations (20:00)
    • Surgery Music (52:03)

Guided imagery is not a substitute for medical treatment. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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