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Mindfulness Meditation for TC Wellness

2020 has been a uniquely difficult year. Faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, ongoing racial injustice, & economic uncertainty members of the community may be feeling overwhelmed & anxious.


Traci Stein, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology & Education from TC's Spirituality Mind Body Institute, will lead guided imagery programs to engage your mind, body, and spirit to help you: reduce stress, focus on healthy changes, and promote healing.

Traci Stein



NOTE: Once you begin playing a track, the tracks that follow will stream automatically. Streaming will continue even if your device goes to sleep.


    • Sleep Self Compassion 1 Intro
    • Sleep Self Compassion 2 GI
    • Self Compassion 1 Intro
    • Self Compassion 2 Brief GI
    • Self Compassion 3 Long GI
    • Self Compassion 4 Affirmations
    • Guided Mindfulness 1 Intro
    • Guided Mindfulness 2 Training Tips
    • Guided Mindfulness 3 Mindfulness in Five Steps
    • Guided Mindfulness 4 Take Five and Thrive
    • Guided Mindfulness 5 Daily Practices

Guided imagery is not a substitute for medical treatment. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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