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Private Streaming Meditation Pages

Your own low-cost, high-impact way of providing relaxation, stress management, wellness techniques, and healing tools to your patients, employees, students or members.

What does an annual subscription buy for the people you serve?

It gets them access to all the guided imagery, meditation and relaxation they want, free to them, at any time, day or night, just by pressing PLAY.

Why are these pages the hottest, new choice of hospitals, colleges and corporate wellness programs?

They’re inexpensive, yet yield robust benefits in health and productivity to listeners. They bring increased efficiency and reduced sick leave to employees; better prevention outcomes to HMO members; fewer medical complications and lower opioid use in hospital patients; and improved academic performance in stressed college students.

In fact, the streamed content is so helpful and life-changing to its listeners, you enjoy their boundless gratitude and loyalty.

How does it work? What do we have to do?

Not much. We build your organization, department or practice its own secure, branded web page, using your logo and messaging. You pick the meditations for the page that you think will best serve your people, whether they’re patients, employees, members, or students. You pay a low annual fee, structured by the number of titles you choose, and whether or not you want streaming only or downloads, too.

Talk to Us!

We can help you select your meditations, craft your messaging, design marketing materials, and just about anything else...

Just, give us a call! 1.800.800.8661 or send us an email

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