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Small Changes Pack

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This is a pack specially curated to help people stop procrastinating, sharpen their focus, and change bad habits to healthy new ones. 

The Small Changes Pack includes Traci Stein's Creating Positive Change and Free Yourself from Procrastination, and Belleruth Naparstek's Concentration, Focus & Learning (Including ADD, ADHD & LD). 

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Small Changes Pack
Small Changes Pack

In stock



    PROCRASTINATION: Regular use of this calming, encouraging meditation for procrastination can break the hold of even long-standing procrastination, by helping listeners cut large goals down into discrete, manageable tasks; sharpen focus and concentration; clearly visualize the completed goal; increase feelings of confidence; and form healthy, well-timed work habits.

    CREATING POSITIVE CHANGE: This powerfully effective hypnosis for positive change is perfectly designed for changing bad habits, such as nail biting, chronic tardiness, excessive TV watching, smoking and mindless eating, and instead provides a powerful boost for creating healthy habits, such as establishing a regular exercise program, healthier diet and regular sleep habits. It combines skillfully crafted hypnotic suggestions with guided imagery, to be played while awake or asleep, and can be applied to any behavior patterns you want to change.

    CONCENTRATION, FOCUS & LEARNING: This Guided Meditation for ADHD and improving focus and concentration is for anyone looking to successfully marshal the coherent, focused energy needed to learn, work or reach an intended goal, in a natural, holistic way. The guided imagery and affirmations on this ADHD meditation program boost the ability to concentrate and complete tasks; help ramp up organized planning for greater efficiency and effectiveness; increase capacity for patience, calm and inner quiet; encourage a steady, incremental growth of work skills; and enhance self-esteem and feelings of mastery.

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